Exempt NHS Staff from Tier 2 Visa System

June 2018


Dear Constituent,


Thank you for your email regarding Tier 2 visas.

Since 2011, Tier 2, the main immigration work route for skilled non-EEA workers has been subject to an annual cap of 20,700 places which are divided into monthly allocations. The cap was based on advice from the independent Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) and is one of the Government's key strategies for managing net migration. It operates by controlling the number of places allocated to UK-based employers who are seeking to recruit a migrant worker where no suitable resident worker can be found.

As you may be aware, the limit has been oversubscribed since December 2017 and it’s clear that this cap is having an impact on the health sector as well as other sectors of the economy.

It’s therefore extremely welcome that, as a temporary measure, all doctors and nurses will be exempted from the Tier 2 cap. This change will mean that doctors and nurses will be able to be sponsored without putting pressure on the entire immigration system. This will also free up space for other highly skilled occupations, such as engineers, IT professionals and teachers which make an important contribution to our economy and the prosperity of the country.

The MAC has now also been commissioned independently to review the composition of the Tier 2 Shortage Occupation List. This will enable them to look at which posts across all sectors of the economy are in national shortage and should be given priority within the cap. The MAC will report by Spring 2019, as they currently have two significant commissions on EU migration and international students.

Please see the attached letter that I recently received from the Home Secretary for further information.    

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.


With best wishes.

Kind regards,

Jonathan Lord



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