The 'Meaningful Vote'

January 2018


Thank you very much indeed for writing to me about Brexit.

Following the 'Meaningful Vote', it is clear that Parliament is unwilling to support the Prime Minister's EU deal as it stands. Since the details of the deal emerged, I have said consistently that I would never be able to vote for a deal in which my country could be kept in a totally unsatisfactory arrangement indefinitely- i.e the Irish Backstop. The Backstop would also, of course, give the EU even more leverage in the second phase of negotiations about the final future relationship. For these reasons, I voted against the 'deal'.

The Prime Minister now has the very difficult task of persuading the EU of the need for some sort of proper UK exit mechanism from the 'Backstop' and I personally hope that she can bring something back that the House of Commons can support.

Calm heads need to prevail as we approach our country's exit date from the EU of 29th March. With that in mind, and whilst I do of course respect the strength of feeling of some people on this matter, my position remains that there should not be a second referendum. I firmly believe that a second vote would be hugely divisive and damaging to our country's already fragmented national unity, and that the 2016 Referendum result to leave the EU should be respected and implemented as all the major party leaders faithfully promised it would be. 

In the meantime, I have informed the Prime Minister that I will support the proposed withdrawal agreement if the unacceptable Backstop provision is removed or suitably modified in a legally binding way. 

Once again, thank you for taking the time to write to me and for bringing your views to my attention.


With best wishes, 

Kind regards, 


Jonathan Lord 

Member of Parliament for Woking