Jonathan supports cyber skills

PROMOTING careers in cyber security

Jonathan supports career opportunities as part of Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Jonathan Lord attended an event on 16th October at the Houses of Parliament to raise awareness of careers in cyber security. 

The cyber security industry plays a crucial role in the protection of UK businesses, consumers, and infrastructure. This importance of this role will continue to grow over coming years as more devices are connected to the internet and more activity is conducted online. As a result there are an increasing number of roles being created in the industry, offering excellent opportunities for career progression.

Without sufficient cyber professionals to fill these new roles, the UK risks being unable to provide the security protection required for businesses and citizens to safely use innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things and Cloud services. These roles will also be crucial to ensuring the UK’s people and infrastructure are protected from evolving forms of cyber crime and cyber attacks.

BT hosted the event at the Houses of Parliament, which aimed to publicise the careers and opportunities available in cyber security. BT works with a number of partners to provide young people with the skills they need to begin careers in the industry, and members of BT’s graduate and apprentice community joined the event to meet with MPs. BT this week also published a 5 step plan for businesses and government to work collaboratively to grow the pipeline of cyber professionals in the UK, and avoid a ‘Cyber Skills Gap’.

Both private and public sector security organizations play a crucial role in protecting the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) from cyber attacks. With more services and facilities conducting their operations online, the potential for security breaches to cause major impact is growing. Future cyber professionals will be fundamental to protecting these interests, and maintaining the UK’s world-leading status in cyber security. BT’s own network is a vital part of the UK’s CNI, and is relied upon by the NHS, armed forces, emergency services, air traffic control, banks and more. BT’s security services work with the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to disrupt cyber attacks and make it more difficult for cyber criminals to target the UK.