Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

March 2019


Thank you very much indeed for sharing your thoughts and concerns with me regarding Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). All carefully read and noted by me.


The Government’s approved response is as follows:


“I can appreciate the thrust of your concerns however, I believe it is a good thing that action is being taken to ensure our children and young people leave school knowing how to keep themselves safe and healthy and have good relationships with others. 


We all want our children to grow up into happy and well-rounded individuals who know how to deal with the challenges of the modern world.  Under the proposals, all pupils will study compulsory Health Education as well as new reformed Relationships Education in primary school and Relationships and Sex Education in secondary school. These subjects are designed to ensure pupils are taught the knowledge and life skills they will need to stay safe, build confidence and resilience, and develop healthy and supportive relationships.


I know that the new measures allow parents to retain the right to withdraw their child from sex education within RSE in secondary schools (other than sex education in the National Curriculum as part of science). However, this will not apply to relationships education at primary school level.


I can assure you that the Department for Education has sought views from parents, teachers, children and other key groups to develop subject content and it has used this feedback to produce the draft guidance, which has now been subject to further consultation.”


Once again, thank you very much indeed for taking the time to bring your views to my attention. I have taken up your views and concerns with the Education Minister the Rt Hon Nick Gibb.


With best wishes.


Kind regards,


Jonathan Lord MP

Member of Parliament for Woking