Jonathan attends local #KnivesDownGlovesUp boxing event

On Saturday 17th August, Jonathan attended a charity boxing event in Woking designed to help raise awareness of the rise of knife crime in our country, whilst also offering young people the opportunity to get in the ring and learn a new skill.


The event was organised by Woking resident, Ali Waheed, founder of Combat Sports League. Ali and his team provide the competitors with an 8-week training programme to prepare them for their fight. This offers an opportunity for young people to try a one-off experience of what it’s like to be a professional boxer.


Whilst offering a fantastic opportunity for young people to get fit and healthy, Ali also seeks to provide a platform for young people to bolster their self-esteem, offer an outlet for those in need of personal and academic support, or even assistance in finding a job.


Combat Sports League has become one of the fastest growing white-collar boxing companies in Surrey, and has an admirable track record of organising fundraising events and supporting charitable causes. Some of the money raised from the #KnivesDownGlovesUp campaign has been donated to the mental health charity, Mind.


Jonathan commented ‘It was fantastic to attend such a hugely successful charity event. I congratulate Ali on his hard work in supporting young people in our local area, whist also raising awareness of, and combating, the issues of knife crime and mental health in such a constructive way.’