All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs)


All Party Parliamentary Groups (or APPGs for short) are informal cross-party groups within Parliament.

Although they have no official status, APPGs provide an important, non-political forum in which MPs from different parties can work with interested parties, such as charities, to raise a particular issue of interest or concern.

Jonathan is a member of the following APPGs:

  • APPG for Egypt (Chairman)
  • APPG for Yoga in Society (Chairman)
  • APPG for Waterways (Vice Chairman)
  • APPG for China
  • APPG for France 
  • APPG for Kashmir
  • APPG for Longevity
  • Loan Charge APPG
  • APPG for the Armed Forces
  • APPG for Autism
  • APPG for Equitable Life
  • APPG for Infant-Feeding and Inequalities
  • APPG for London's Green Belt
  • APPG for the Polar Regions
  • County APPG
  • All Party Betting and Gaming Group
  • APPG for Southern Rail
  • APPG For South Western Rail
  • APPG for Crossrail
  • APPG for Crossrail 2
  • All Party Community Transport Group
  • APPG on General Aviation
  • APPG for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community