Fur Trade

May 2018


Dear Constituent,


Thank you for your email regarding the fur trade.

I can assure you that I support the highest standards of animal welfare and I’m pleased to be able to report that the importation of fur products is tightly regulated. It’s illegal to import furs derived from cats or dogs or products made from them, nor can the fur and skin of endangered animals or fish be imported without a valid permit.

Under European regulations it’s prohibited to import furs or fur products from 13 wild animal species originating in countries where they’re caught by leg-hold traps or trapping methods that don’t meet international standards of humane trapping. Strict rules are in also place in the European Union to ensure that animals kept for fur production are kept, trapped and slaughtered humanely.

Once the UK has withdrawn from the EU it will be for the Government to consider future policies, taking into account the outcome of exit negotiations. I’m certainly not aware of - and wouldn’t support - any intention to lessen the existing standards and, indeed, I’ll be very interested to hear what Mr Gove proposes.

With regard to the Westminster Hall debate on Monday 4th June, you’ll appreciate that I don’t yet know what my other parliamentary and constituency commitments on that day will be, but I’ve put the details of the debate in my diary and will certainly make every effort to attend.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.


With best wishes.

Kind regards,

Jonathan Lord.